Box Office Xpress Junior - Intro

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The pioneer of Windows ticketing programs and still the most user-friendly in this class. Smaller venues and non-profit organizations will be amazed at how much power they can get from such an economically priced niche-market program.

Note: BOX Jr does not do Internet ticketing. It is strictly an in-house ticketing system. However, you can use 3rd party allocated Internet ticketing services in addition to BOx Jr.

Free Trial
You can download or order a fully functional trial version of Box Office Xpress Junior. This will enable you to evaluate the program completely in order to confirm that it is the best ticketing system for you. There are additional details on how the Free Trial works.

Gathering Information

Just about every piece of available information about Box Office Xpress Junior can be found on this web site. Using the links on the left, please explore the website and you will find answers to many of your questions. You are also welcome to download the program and give it a try.

Don't be fooled by the name Junior, this version has a lot of features and outperforms any other program in its price range.

Want a quick look? Check out the instructional videos.

What about the regular version of Box Office Xpress?
At one point, BOX Jr actually was the original Box Office Xpress. We just changed the name to "Junior" when we introduced a larger version.
However, due to all the extra features, Box Office Xpress was too complex for our target market (small to mid-sized venues) to deal with. Consequently, since we didn't want to enter the saturated large venue market, we discontinued Box Office Xpress. We will be modifying BOX Jr in the future and re-branding it back to its original name... "Box Office Xpress".


The Pricing page gives you all the pricing for the program. However, there may be other factors to consider, such a ticket printers. Please refer to the Quote Request page if you would like complete pricing prepared for you.

What Should I do?

1.  Check out the vast array of information on this website (use the links on the left).
2.  To be kept up to date, subscribe to the Box Office Xpress News Bulletin.
Download and work with the fully function trial version.
4.  Order Box Office Xpress Junior.

How To Order

You can place your order in one of the following ways ...